roll1 [ roul ] verb ***
▸ 1 move while turning
▸ 2 move on wheels
▸ 3 move from side to side
▸ 4 change direction faced
▸ 5 move across surface
▸ 6 wrap something around itself
▸ 7 produce long low sound
▸ 8 machine: work
▸ 9 make substance flat
1. ) intransitive to move forward while turning over and over:
The pencil went rolling across the floor.
As children, we loved to roll down that hill.
a ) transitive to make someone or something move forward by turning them over and over:
Matthew rolled the tire across the yard.
2. ) intransitive to move on wheels:
The car rolled to a stop at the side of the road.
roll into: Tanks began rolling into the city around noon.
a ) transitive to make something move on wheels
3. ) intransitive or transitive to move from side to side or to make something do this:
The stormy waves rolled and tossed the ship.
The piglets were rolling in the mud.
4. ) roll or roll over intransitive to change the position of your body when you are lying down:
roll onto: He rolled onto his back and looked up at me.
a ) transitive to change the position of someone or something so that they face a different direction
5. ) transitive if a drop of liquid rolls, it moves across a surface without stopping:
Rain drops rolled down the window.
a ) if you roll DICE in a game, you throw them onto or across a surface
6. ) roll or roll up transitive to fold something or wrap it around itself so that it forms a tube or a ball:
I always roll my clothes when I pack.
roll something into something: Take a piece of the dough and roll it into a ball.
7. ) intransitive to produce a continuous low sound:
The first rumbles of thunder rolled across the sky.
8. ) intransitive if a machine such as a camera rolls, it works:
Although the interview had ended, the cameras were still rolling.
9. ) roll or roll out transitive to make a substance flat by pushing something heavy across it:
Roll the pie crust very thinly.
(all) rolled into one
if someone is several things rolled into one, they are all of those things at the same time:
She's a writer, actress, and producer all rolled into one.
be rolling in money/it INFORMAL
to have a lot of money
let's roll/let's get rolling SPOKEN
used for saying you want to start doing something:
Come on, it's noon, let's roll.
ready to roll SPOKEN
ready to start doing something:
Everybody is here. We're ready to roll.
roll your eyes
to move your eyes upward or around in a circle, usually to show that you are annoyed or impatient
roll your r's
to pronounce the letter r by moving your tongue quickly against the top of your mouth
,roll a`round phrasal verb intransitive
if a season, holiday, or regular event rolls around, it arrives
,roll `back phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to remove something or reduce the influence of something:
You can't roll back all the reforms of the last ten years.
2. ) AMERICAN to reduce something such as a price or salary:
Eventually prices were rolled back to prewar levels.
,roll `down phrasal verb transitive
1. ) if you roll a car window down, you turn a handle or push a button so that the window goes down
2. ) if you roll down your sleeves or the legs of your pants, you make them longer by removing any folds in them
,roll `in phrasal verb intransitive
1. ) to arrive in large numbers or amounts:
Thousands of dollars rolled in on the first day of our fundraiser.
2. ) to arrive in a relaxed way despite being late:
Susan rolled in a half hour after rehearsal began.
,roll `out phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to introduce a new product or service:
Australia will roll out the prototype of its new jet fighter in January.
2. ) same as ROLL1 9:
Roll out the pizza dough on a well-floured surface.
3. ) to make something that is wrapped around itself become flat:
She rolled out the document on the table.
,roll `over phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive or transitive same as ROLL1 4:
He rolled over and opened his eyes.
2. ) transitive if you roll over money that you have invested, you invest it in something similar
3. ) transitive to agree that an amount of money that someone owes can be paid back at a later date
4. ) transitive MAINLY JOURNALISM to defeat an opponent easily
a ) intransitive INFORMAL to be easily defeated because you do not defend yourself
,roll `up phrasal verb
1. ) transitive same as ROLL1 6:
She rolled her scarf up and put it into her tote bag.
2. ) transitive if you roll your sleeves or the legs of your pants up, you fold the cloth several times until they are shorter:
The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to the elbow.
3. ) transitive if you roll a car window up, you turn a handle or push a button so that the window goes up
4. ) intransitive INFORMAL to arrive somewhere late or at a time when you were not expected:
They eventually rolled up at lunchtime.
roll 2 [ roul ] noun count **
▸ 1 something rolled into tube
▸ 2 small loaf of bread
▸ 3 action of rolling
▸ 4 official list of names
▸ 5 continuous low sound
▸ 6 thick layer of skin/fat
1. ) a long piece of film, paper, carpet, etc., rolled into the shape of a tube:
roll of: We used ten rolls of wallpaper.
The professionals are used to moving heavy rolls of carpet around.
2. ) bread in the form of a small round or long shape:
a buttered roll
a ) a bread roll filled with meat, cheese, etc.:
a ham/cheese/salad roll
3. ) usually singular the action of turning over or rolling from side to side:
The constant roll of the ship made her sick.
a ) the action of throwing DICE:
He was willing to bet his entire fortune on a roll of the dice.
4. ) an official list of names, especially one that is used in a school:
call/take the roll: The teacher called the roll and checked off the names one by one.
5. ) a continuous low sound made by drums or THUNDER
6. ) a thick layer of skin or fat, usually around someone's neck or waist
be on a roll INFORMAL
to be having a lot of success or good luck:
Her sales figures were climbing and she was sure she was on a roll.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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